Paving Gold Coast

With over 20 years experience in paving Gold Coast homes and businesses, Built Landscape Constructions should be your choice of paving contractors. We take great pride in delivering landscaping services such as paving to help our Gold Coast customers to enjoy both the indoors and outdoors of their beloved home.

paving gold coast

Paving Gold Coast Homes

The Gold Coast certainly can boast about extended periods of great weather and so our lifestyle is treated to a lot of outdoor activity. Improve and add value to your home with paving that has function and design appeal to stand the test of time. Our team can deliver on any new or renovation paving project. We cater for small and large format paving.

We take care of all the hard work for jobs like paving your steps, footpaths around the home, the patio, driveways, to make a great first impression and pool areas to maximise the appeal of your pool as well as courtyards or entertainment areas.

Gold Coast Paving Contractors

As we are also specialists in retaining walls so we can ensure that when paving Gold Coast projects we take into consideration the effects of elevated soils, the effects of gravity and the requirements of a smart drainage system.

However we are not just all about function – we understand that paving is a chance to make your home stand out from the rest. For visual appeal we personalise our service for each customer to ensure that the paving compliments and enhances the design theme of the home and its gardens.

Being fully licensed is an important part of providing paving services to the public. We are fully licensed and insured including full public liability so you can be confident in engaging with us and having us around your home.